Saturday, May 18, 2024

Dear friend,

If you’ve felt crippled by painful patterns of self-sabotage, the kind of ugly self-talk you wouldn’t wish upon your worst enemy, or constant negativity that keeps you small and unable to manifest the life you want…

… then the simple ‘secret’ you’re about to learn in this letter can turn the tables in your favor faster than you thought possible.

How One Simple Idea Can Change Your Life:

Play with me for just a moment, and imagine you’re already living a life that checks all your heart’s boxes:

  • Your wealth and finances are precisely where you want them (and growing)…
  • Your relationships with your partner, soul mate, family and friends make you happy…
  • Your health, vitality and energy are through the roof…
  • Your calendar and daily schedule are exactly the way you like…
  • And every morning you wake up feeling driven, inspired and passionate for the day ahead…

… all because you’ve finally learned how to flip a little-known ‘inner switch’ that allows you to make even your most deeply-craved goals and longings a reality… almost at will.

Maybe that sounds outrageous:

  • Maybe you’ve been broken, bruised, knocked down, deceived, disappointed, or shoved aside like dirt… and you think an abundant, joyful and worry-free lifestyle is just not on the menu for you.
  • Maybe you’ve heard all the lofty promises a thousand times before, and tried some (or all) of the tools and programs out there… but only ended up still struggling with the same issues as before – despite your best efforts and total competence to overcome them.
  • Maybe you feel at a loss – cornered by your own emotional pain… and just about ready to completely give up on your goals, dreams, and perhaps any hope for improvement…

Deep down you know you have it in you. But you’re not sure if you can muster up another attempt after so many false promises and hopes betrayed…

Well, put away the white flag my friend… because:

This Radical Shift Is Well Within Your Reach:
It’s Hidden Away In A Little-Known ‘Blind Spot’
In Your Own Mind… And Easily Recovered
Once You Know What To Look For!

Here’s the story…

The first thing you should know about me is that I’m not some psych or aspiring self-help guru…

(… although you’ll see in just a moment why even PhD psychologists and the most experienced coaches come here to get a new edge in their work.)

I wasn’t born with this understanding either.

To be honest – saying “I had to learn it the hard way” would be a gross understatement for the colossal sucker punch it took for my formerly-bloated ego to accept the lesson I’m about to share with you.

In fact…

I Had To Almost “Die” To Finally Get It…

I remember it like it was yesterday:

I was 23, and it was during the darkest hours of a cold spring night…

Lying awake in bed for hours, I felt jittery… shaky… stone cold sweat running down the back of my neck…

My skin was aching like sandpaper rubbing on an already open wound…

I felt dizzy… had trouble breathing… was even starting to choke on my own swollen throat…

… almost passing out every next vain attempt of my body to force out already long-gone stomach contents…

Normally a healthy, young guy who hardly ever caught a cold, I couldn’t help but wonder…

“What The Hell Is Going On Here?!”

I didn’t figure this out until much later – much less did I see at the time how it had anything to do with the life-threatening quandary I found myself in here…

But the truth was – I had been a miserable wretch for the longest time, and I didn’t even realize it.

Even worse:

I actually believed I was on the path to my dream:

  • Got the academic degrees…
  • Got all the accolades and fancy abbreviations behind my name…
  • Was well on track for a big shot corporate career, and all the status, recognition and big bucks that would come with that…

What’s more:

Other people probably saw a happy-go-lucky, witty and entertaining guy who had it all made in the shade.

But behind the clown’s mask, and completely unbeknownst to me…

My Body And Mind Were Breaking Down…

Food and other allergies had gotten out of hand… and the weird thing was they had never even existed up until a year before.

Painfully awkward skin afflictions were rampant as well… and those were only recent developments too.

My social life was crumbling, because I couldn’t really connect with anyone – for reasons I’ll explain in a moment…

And an intimate relationship was most definitely out of the question, certainly with whomever would pass for my “soul mate”…

I just didn’t get it – I was doing so “well”…
Was there some kind of message I wasn’t hearing?

Turns out there definitely was a ‘memo’ I didn’t get…

And even though it took me almost a decade to fully appreciate this…

That Message Actually Held The KEY
To Help YOU Create A Life That
Ticks ALL Your Heart’s Boxes.

And that’s not an exaggeration:


Once you take the ‘secret’ I’m about to reveal to you seriously…:

  • You really can eliminate hidden beliefs, convictions and other mental programs that sabotage you from getting what you really want out of life.
  • You really can have that lifestyle you dream of… even the debt-free, financial freedom and security to do what you want and when you want it.
  • You really can be free from the crippling impact of stress, fear, worry, anger, resentment, guilt, apathy, and procrastination that keep your dreams at bay.
  • You really can have a loving circle of friends and fulfilling relationships… based on (self-) love, trust, respect and dignity.
  • You really can banish negativity from your experience… and be astonished by how much positive, enlivening and ravishing energy will flow through you.
  • You really can be a beacon of light, inner peace and stability in an ever-changing world… regardless of any economic downturns.
  • You really can create complete freedom from your past… so that you’re no longer held back by whatever happened in times gone by, but are finally able to embrace the present moment to take full control of your future.
  • You really can look and feel healthy and vigorous from having more energy and psychological flexibility than ever before… no matter how young or old you are.
  • You really can unleash a positive whirlwind of astonishing synchronicities, that keep attracting a flurry of seemingly miraculous “meaningful coincidences” into your life.
  • You really can live each day to your fullest, see the beauty in all things, and even be wildly successful in your business, career, or life in general.

But before I’m able to explain how you can make this all happen, there are some crucial things you should know first…

… just so you can skip the ridiculously long learning curve I had to go through, and avoid ever getting into the kind of lethal mess I created for myself:

Let My Story Be A Shining Example Of
What NOT To Do: “How To STOP Squashing
Your Own Soul And Sabotaging Your Own
Dreams Without Even Realizing:”

To help you understand that inner “blind spot” I mentioned, I need to back up a little…

You see – I grew up with two brothers who both have mental retardation. Both have a much, much lower IQ than what’s considered normal. And on top of that, they each have their own unique brand of autism.

Now I can tell you:

Living in an environment like that during the most formative period of your life – that’s going to have an impact on how you develop as a person:

From the earliest years and onward, my brothers would naturally pull attention toward them, and away from me – for obvious reasons:

  • They simply needed more care and attention than me to start with… And even when they didn’t, they had their own special ways of getting it anyway:
  • All they had to do was throw one of their red-faced tantrums, kick down some vase that would shatter into a thousand pieces, or slap a glass of red wine off the table – and there you go…
  • Yours truly’s needs would be shoved aside and quickly go out the window:

“Not now, you know how they get.”

“Don’t get angry, that’ll only make things worse.”

“Stop acting like a spoiled brat – you’re the big boy here, you give the right example.”

You and your big mouth…”

Now don’t get me wrong:

This is not some sob story of “woe-is-me,” “done-me-wrong,”
or “who-did-what-to-whom-and-for-how-long:”

Acting like a victim doesn’t help anyone with anything.

The only thing I want my story to highlight are the obscure and subtle ways in which…

Your Subconscious Mind Can Lock You Up
In An Invisible ‘Prison’ Of Its Own Making…
And You Don’t Even Realize It’s Happening!

With “prison” I’m not talking about the cliché “limiting beliefs,” “negative thoughts” and “harmful emotions” you always hear about, like…:

  • “Money is the root of all evil…” “I don’t have the money, resources, or connections…” “rich people are greedy and dishonest…”
  • “Getting my hopes up always leads to disapointment…” “I'm unlovable…” “I'm powerless…” “I don't deserve to be happy…” “I don't have what it takes…”
  • “I’m too old and it’s too late…” “I’ too young and it’s too soon…” “I’m too fat…” “I’m too skinny…” “I’m too tall…” “I’m too short…” “I’m too dumb…” “I’m too smart…” “I’m too nice…” “No one likes me…”
  • And so on…

Sure, these things can hold you back bigtime, so you’ll definitely want to let them go – and we’ll get to that in a moment…

But what I’m really talking about is something much deeper and much more unconscious that’s behind them:

  • A little ‘buzz’ way back in the darkest shadows of your soul that actually drives all those debilitating patterns…
  • The toxic breeding ground from which they all grow…
  • The very source of all that life-crippling crap – and how you can eradicate it, as if it never even existed in the first place.

Problem is…:

It’s so all-pervading, all-encompassing and all-controlling, that it’s almost impossible to detect if you don’t know what to look for.

And that’s where my story comes in…

Take Me As An Example:

As I said – to my young brain it seemed that the care and attention I craved constantly got pulled away in favor of my brothers. So the overall conclusion my mind drew about the very nature of life was:

“No one cares about me. I don’t matter. I GOTTA MAKE IT ON MY OWN HERE.”

And realize that was no conscious decision on my part. It happened totally unconsciously, and regardless of what was actually true. (I mean, of course my parents cared…)

But as you know, the human mind is hard-wired to figure out how to survive. So it immediately tried to find ways to cope under these circumstances of perceived lack and loneliness.

Such ‘Involuntary Decisions’ Set The
Hidden Ground Rules That Go On
To Control Your Entire Life:

In my case – they gave me an unconscious, 3-part prime directive to live by:

  • “To be valued, I gotta push myself to the limit (and beyond) to perform, be perfect and be the best.”
  • “To make sure there’s no conflict, I gotta please and placate everyone else around me first – and myself last.”
  • There’s no help, so I gotta make this all happen on my own.”

This set of covert guidelines would now pull my strings from behind the scenes, and play me like a violin for years to come.

Pretty much all my most essential thoughts, feelings, attitudes, beliefs, decisions, choices and actions would revolve around that unconsciously-decided, hidden agenda. For example:

  • If I’d speak at all, I’d only say things that wouldn’t cause discord… even if it would go at the expense of my own needs and well-being.
  • If I wasn’t going to be the absolute best at something – whether it had to do with sports, school, work, music, or even the way I looked – I’d hate myself for it, and often wouldn’t even try.
  • Whenever someone asked something of me – whether it was to borrow some money, help with some arduous task, or take all the risk in a joint business endeavor – I’d hardly ever say no… In fact: before even thinking about myself, I’d sooner push beyond my limits to be liked by them first.
  • And I’d be so desperate to not feel “on my own” for a change, that I’d be receptive to the scams of even the most obvious charlatans.

Now these are just some random examples… but you can probably imagine the kind of trouble that way of life can cause:

It had me drag around a virtual ball-and-chain that completely drained my energy… and kept me shackled to some sad story that my mind had fabricated without my knowing, and that never seemed to end.

Or as a more accurate way to put it…

It Was My One-Way-Ticket To “HELL”… (AND BACK!)

Because remember:

There I was that cold and lonely night… lying on the cold bathroom floor… feeling half-dead and gasping for air… head leaning against the toilet bowl (because who cares about hygiene at that stage)…

I later learned that my body was in anaphylactic shock – probably caused by eating something that I never used to be allergic to before, but that it had now added to its ever-growing list of previously non-existing defects…


The unconscious ‘ground rules’ that used
to be my crutch for getting by in life
had become my cross to bear:

They had developed into deeply-ingrained inner imbalances… which had in turn manifested as a totally miserable, and even potentially ‘deadly’ reality.

I had worked my tail off for an existence I didn’t even want… and depleted my energy until there was hardly any life in me left. And now the only questions running through my mind were:

  • “How the hell did I get here?”
  • “How am I ever gonna dig myself out of this hole?”
  • “Is there even any chance to get on top of this to start with… or is this the end of the line for me?”

And that’s when the one good thing came to light about a lifelong history of being drilled into relentless discipline and finding your own way… Because right then and there I decided:

“If I’m to wake up in the morning… I’m gonna figure this ‘shyt’ out no matter what.”

And I did… BUT:

It Took A Special Kind Of ‘Breakthrough’
To Finally Ditch That Hidden Agenda:

The famous physicist Isaac Newton formulated his Laws of Gravity from an insight he got from a falling apple. I got mine from a cracking egg.

Silly? Maybe. But there’s more to the image than meets the eye – you see…

First of all, imagine yourself imprisoned in a tiny, egg-shaped capsule of colored glass:

From within that glass eggshell, everything outside appears colored:

Through blue glass the world outside seems blue… through yellow glass everything is yellow… and through pink glass all of life seems pink.

Those are not the actual colors of the world outside. But it’s how you see them, and what you come to expect. And the problem is…

“You Can’t See The Picture
From Within The Frame:”

Unconsciously, this ‘glass eggshell’ becomes the lens through which you see, experience and interpret everything in your life:

It’s a whole structure of fixed ideas and expectations about yourself, others, and the world… which go on to determine your beliefs, attitudes and how you think… and by extension how you act and relate to others.

But here’s the thing:

That whole structure is only the product of
that hidden inner agenda – that subconscious
‘blind spot’ I mentioned:
  • It tells you what you can and cannot do… that you’re not smart enough… not wanted… not pretty or handsome enough… that you don’t have the knowledge, skills, or talent… or that you don’t deserve to have the happiness, success, or abundance you want.
  • It makes you live with blinders on, so that all you see is what confirms your preconceived notions about people, the world and yourself – dwindling your perks and opportunities (even when they’re right smack in your face)… and blowing your problems completely out of proportion.
  • And whenever that underlying hidden agenda gets challenged, it suddenly overwhelms you with such excessive negative emotions – like fear, frustration, sadness, guilt, anger and anxiety… that you can’t think straight anymore, let alone act constructively.


It becomes that hidden “wall” I mentioned – an eggshell
that keeps you cramped in an existence that’s
all but a poor apology for its potential…

In fact:

  • This whole structure becomes an all-pervading pattern of thought, feeling, belief, attitude and behavior…
  • And it just keeps creating the same old drama in your life – where you keep failing to reach your most desired goals… keep sabotaging yourself… or even keep getting ignored, abused, controlled, duped, crucified, or shoved aside like garbage… again and again.

Psychologists sometimes refer to such patterns as…

No Matter How Hard You Try To Change,
That Egg Keeps You Cross-Wired, Hog-Tied,
And Stuck In The Same Old Rut…

And these life traps can show up in all areas:

  • You may be repeatedly drawn into relationships with people who are cold to you, mistreat you, put you down, or end up leaving you…
  • You may always fear that something bad will happen to you, so that you’re always on guard and even a mild sore throat can set off a dread of more dire disease…
  • You may find that regardless of how many compliments of public acclaim you get, you still feel unhappy, unfulfilled, and undeserving…
  • You may stop, give up, or procrastinate every time you’re just about to make your big breakthrough…
  • You may keep ending up working for the same kind of obnoxious boss, no matter how many times you change jobs…
  • You may keep creating financial hardship for yourself – as if you’re repulsive to the wealth you want… or get stuck on some plateau you’re far from happy with.
  • And on and on it goes…

Problem is:

No Popular ‘Self-Help’ Tool Is Up To
The Task Of Solving This For You…

not because they’re inherently useless, but because they typically don’t do anything about that secret hidden agenda that keeps writing your life story for you from behind the scenes:

  • All those difficult emotions, limiting beliefs, and negative thoughts you’re always told are the problem – they’re not the true source of your inability to have the happiness, love, abundance, or success you long for…
  • Neither are they some stand-alone buggers floating around in your mind just to bog you down… where all you have to do is “get rid of them” to live happily ever after…
  • Instead, they’re merely surface symptoms of a deeper cause – the effects that arise out of that unconsciously-motivated, hidden agenda…

So try as you might to “get rid of them,” “ward them off,” “overwrite them,” or blame it all on some malicious “ego”…

But no matter how many affirmations you repeat, ‘positive beliefs’ you try to implant, or ‘negative emotions’ you let go of… they’ll always sit tight or come back in one way or the other, as long as the breeding ground from which they sprout and grow doesn’t change.

Like everyone else, you have such a hidden agenda too… whether you realize it or not:

  • It could’ve been created from the way you grew up, like it was with me… or:
  • It may have been caused by some traumatic experience or emotionally-charged event that rattled you to your core, and was a big, bitter pill to swallow at the time – perhaps when you were still a kid, or maybe later in life…
  • It might have been from something as simple as what someone once said to you… or did to you… or that you only overheard – like a small, toxic drip that slowly began to poison the well…
  • It can even be genetically-inherited baggage that’s not even yours! (That’s right: recent research from Emory University School of Medicine has revealed how the impact of stressful experiences can be passed on to next generations via DNA… which means that your great-grandparents’ hardship, struggle, shame, loss, break-up, poverty, persecution, war, depression etc. could be holding YOU back without your knowing!)
  • Or it could be some or all of these things together…

Point is:

If you’ve felt stuck, unable to manifest your goals, or like something elusive has been standing between you and the breakthroughs you’ve been longing for… then you probably have such a crippling, subconscious hidden agenda running the show in your life too.

And it keeps you trapped in that ‘glass eggshell’…

But worst of all…

You may not even realize this is going on…
much less what’s really causing it!

Because as completely distorted as it may be, this mental and emotional atmosphere becomes the very fabric of your entire life experience: you just don’t know any better and think this is the way life IS for you.

Fortunately, there’s a way out of this mess… and it’s probably a lot more straightforward than you think:

Just Like “An Egg Is Easily Cracked,”
The Right Tools And Strategies Can
Swiftly Set You Free And Turn The
Winds Of Fate In Your Favor!

Once you know what to look for, breaking free from your shell doesn’t have to be an endless process of figuring out every single negative thought, belief or emotion… and then “overwriting” them one by one.

Truth is, that Egg is much like a house of cards – pull away the right cards, and the whole structure cracks and crumbles down. Problem is:

That can’t happen from the outside… Nothing or no one else can do this for you. As the saying goes:

If an egg is broken by an outside force, life ends
while if it’s cracked by a force inside, life begins.

So that’s what I’m here to show you how to do, because…

Take That Shell Way, And
YOU Will Feel ‘Reborn’ Too:

Liberated from your Egg’s suffocating captivity, you’re now…:

  • No longer trapped and chained to the past… but free to fly wherever you want.
  • No longer cramped, bottled-up and shielded from life … but in vibrant connection with the world, the universe and everyone else.
  • No longer frustrated and slowly dying inside… but a clean slate with positive expectation about all the wonderful things life has in store for you… enjoying the fully-aligned energy that makes you feel alive, inspired, and motivated to make your dreams come true – regardless of your age…
  • No longer repulsive to the things you really want… but oozing the magnetism that draws the people and opportunities to you that help make those desires reality.

It’s truly the beginning of a new life, and

That’s Why I Refer To This Life-Affirming Process
Of Personal Rebirth And Transformation
As “Cracking Your Egg:”
And It’s Easy To Learn How To Do It!

I want you to benefit from my experience, avoid my mistakes, and skip my long learning curves. After all:

  • For most people, learning it all is almost impossible.
  • And the danger if you’re winging it (like I did), is that you easily get derailed by sloppy strategy – where nothing connects, everything is random, and all you can do is hope for some arbitrary results.
  • So try doing this on your own, and you probably end up feeling stuck over and over and over again… every time with a double-dose of hopes betrayed.

But YOU now have a simple, integrated, well-rounded process at your fingertips for healing your hidden agenda, cracking out of your shell, and manifesting the life of stress-free joy and abundance you crave:

The Powerful 4-Step System That Doesn’t
Dabble With The Symptoms, but Gets
Straight to the Heart of What’s Keeping
You From the Life You Desire:

This goes deeper than any other system you’ve encountered to rewire your subconscious. Even better – you don’t have to put your life on hold until you’ve supposedly ‘fixed’ yourself, or the world is back to “normal.”

In fact, short-circuits the hidden system that keeps you trapped, so you can free yourself from the chains that keep denying you from your potential – for good.

You won’t need affirmations…

… hypnosis.

… hours of MP3s.

… or any hocus pocus “mind-magic.”

Just FOUR steps to make your dream life possible.

Here’s How It Works:


Every journey needs an impetus – a single step in a new direction. If you don’t take one you just sit tight and don’t go anywhere. Problem is:

Many people struggle because they don’t even know where they want to go. Again, that’s your Egg keeping you blind and stuck in your small, familiar world. Other methods often don’t address this, or skip past it entirely – making you feel lost before you even started.

But here you’ll learn to dismantle these barriers and create the first cracks in those prison walls.

With Step 1, you’ll…

  • Do the exact opposite of what most self-help gurus tell you regarding negative emotions (ignore this step and risk reach your goals entirely).
  • Understand the little known truth why affirmations, vision boards, and positive talk actually make your brain work harder against you.
  • Enjoy a completely new way of evaluating your progress in a way that makes achieving your goals almost inevitable.
  • Discover the 4-step power exercise that supercharges your mind with positive energy, optimism, and a smooth flow towards your goals (no affirmations needed).
  • Use the contrarian goal-setting style that makes your future vision a foregone conclusion (it’s not what you think).
  • See why focusing on the wrong types of goals can lead to a joyless, empty, frustrated existence… and what the right types of goals are. (This will surprise you.)
  • The “backwards 4” focal points that can make abundance a natural byproduct.
  • Discover why affirmations are unnecessary - and often even useless and counter-productive - for reaching a positive state.
  • Automatically boost your mindset, happiness and motivation, without even having to try… so that you align at all levels to make manifesting your goals and desires a natural outcome, as opposed to a constant struggle.
  • Uncover the exact blocks that are working the hardest to keep you stuck in your patterns of negativity and frustration.
  • And much more…

But at this point, we’ll just be getting started, because Phase #1 naturally transitions you into…


This is where the real shifts happen.

In Step 2, you’ll discover how progress and results don’t speed up from trying to push harder and harder, but rather by clearing away what’s slowing you down.

Here you’ll learn to dissolve the invisible inner forces that keep you from achieving the vision you have for yourself, and clear the path for massive inner transformation.

In Step 2, you’ll…

  • Discover how to relate to negative emotions in a way that serves you. (This directly contradicts most other methods, and is one of the keys to neutralizing the negative effects of these emotions.)
  • Harder work means better pay off, right? WRONG: Uncover the secret to shifting your mind and emotions effortlessly and easily (even though it directly contradicts what so many other methods teach…)
  • Unlock a simpler kind of mindfulness to release a new level of inner peace that will sustain you through any storm or problem you face.
  • Conquer situations that would have wrecked you in the past with this ONE tool and achieve the kind of confidence that only grows with every obstacle you face.
  • Discover the simple process to stop shrinking from a challenge, so you can rise to your true potential no matter how turbulent your situation.
  • Kill negative emotions dead in their tracks from derailing your progress with this powerful, counter-intuitive strategy that most methods don’t even know about…
  • The Two-Step Method to dissolve the very roots of your limitations, so you can finally break free from the invisible chains that have kept you from the life you want.
  • Discover the super easy trick to taking advantage of every emotional whirlwind and using it to help you achieve a deeper inner peace.
  • Create the inner silence that allows you to hear your deep intuitive hunches, creative inspirations and eye-opening epiphanies that offer solutions to problems that may have previously seemed impossible to overcome.
  • Learn the unorthodox method you MUST use if you want to permanently dissolve fear and discomfort, so you can always be your best self - no matter what the world throws at you.
  • Flip the inner switch that completely transforms your self-talk, without having to try to be more positive.
  • Master the one-word technique that lets you discharge even the most crippling negative emotion in a single moment.
  • And much more…

And that smoothly moves you forward into…


The shifts from step 2 can change your entire perspective.

So, in order to stay engaged and keep flowing freely towards your goals, this step is where you see if you’re still living and moving where you want – or if you’re ready for your next shift.

In Step 3, you’ll discover…

  • Practical tools to stay positively focused on the right things, without falling into old habits or being distracted by past gripes that no longer matter.
  • The counter-intuitive benefit of this special way to revive negative emotional states (even when you’ve already successfully moved beyond them).
  • Understand why losing focus on this one little thing can freeze your progress in its tracks, pulling you right back to the mental prison you thought you escaped from.
  • What to do if you don’t know what you really want… (don’t worry, you’ll get a detailed process for uncovering it).
  • The one secret question to which the answer reveals whether you still exist within the emotional cage you’re trying to escape from, or if you’ve finally reached the freedom you seek.
  • How a hidden aspect of the way you react to every situation creates your reality -- no matter how small it seems (Very few people realize this, to their great detriment…)
  • The 4 crucial questions you must answer before you can create the reality you’ve dreamt of.
  • And much more…

And that smoothly moves you forward into…


After you’ve put the first three phases in place in your life, it’s time to light a fire under your process, in order to fully transcend your old habits, paradigms and reality.

In Step 4, you’ll delve deep into…

  • How to embed a system into your mind that side-steps overwhelm and gives you the clarity to rise above any challenge.
  • The protocol that allows you to rip your emotional discomforts out by the roots so they won’t continue to poison and choke the garden of your soul.
  • The ONE mistake most people make when applying advanced methods and strategies to their lives (and how to use them correctly to propel you to your goals like the Saturn V rocket).
  • The key strategy to identify your emotional sticking points and unlock the inner power to maintain a balanced, peaceful state of mind – no matter your situation.
  • The two questions you MUST ask to overcome any emotional distress and find your way to confidence, inner peace and success.
  • The quantum shift out of pain, fear, and small thinking that occurs when you shine the light on your emotional hot buttons, and how achieve this “shift” on command.
  • The secret to dismantling all your inner disturbances, so you can freely flow towards your goals – without restraint.
  • And much more…

Now make no mistake – this isn’t a magic wand.

But the impact on your life can seem “magical.”

Don’t just take my word for it…

Check Out How People No Different Than You Cracked Their Egg and Gained New Life:
Fix the Foundation and Unlock Your Future

For two weeks I tore my guts out with things from the far and nearer past, all kinds of negative self-belief I had about myself, magnified by my new life circumstances. I was feeling a real shift already during each session I did with myself with ‘Crack Your Egg’.

When the two weeks ended, I noticed that many of these negative self-beliefs where simply gone. This time, EFT also started working where it never did before. It was amazing. As a proof that I was not imagining this, I landed immediately after on a “dream job” – the sort of which I was looking for all my life.

I know nothing else worked before ‘Crack Your Egg’, and it was a wonderful experience to watch those “demons” fade away during each ‘egg-cracking’ session. I therefore recommend it highly. It is not always easy in the moment, but it is extremely rewarding. Good luck to all the people who opt for a fundamental change in their lives, who tried it all and nothing worked. This one will.”


Never Wonder When and How to Apply The Crack Your Egg-System

“First of all, I love the style of this material, including the author's humor, and examples and stories I can relate so much to. It’s true that I was familiar with parts of what the material has to say, but I had no clue to put them together as beautifully as this.

One of many advantages the ‘Crack Your Egg’ material has for me is that I can tell the difference each time I apply the techniques (which are so thoroughly laid out in the program) to a specific situation. I can hardly describe how much burden I used to bear unknowingly and unnecessarily up until now, even though I did quite a few various releasing work techniques in the past. As a result, I’ve regained (or gained for the first time in this lifetime?) clarity of thoughts and got healthier than ever.

And that's not all. The author explains so well even how to become aware of even subtle changes in a practical manner… plus, the program contains demonstration videos so that I cannot drop out. It feels like a balanced combination of the intuitive and the evidential/ analytical, with my constantly expanding consciousness as a bonus!

I would highly recommend this program especially for those who have severely suppressed their feelings and intuition, and have a history of self-sabotaging… even if they did for long time. It’s never too late!”

Keiko Hoshina,
Saitama, Japan

You’re Unique... Your Path to a Better Future Should Be Too

“This is a very complete program taking anyone from wherever they are to wherever they want to be.

We’ve all heard similar claims for other products, I’ve tried many of them over many years. None I’ve found can do what this one has been able to do half as much as this one -- and certainly not as easily / elegantly / efficiently.

Whether it’s general personal development, law of attraction, hypnosis, energy work of any kind... They were always missing whatever that 'something' is that was going to let it work completely for ME.

Now when I work towards my goals, I know that ALL parts of me are ‘on the same page’ and working together. No longer do I ever again bang into those invisible walls that I didn't even know were there before (but definitely felt their effects). For me, that is absolutely priceless.”

Daniel S.
San Mateo, California

More Value, Better Results

“Your course is fantastic - it hits the mark in every respect, is extremely comprehensive, answers so many of my previously unanswered questions about how my mind/body operates and has been an invaluable resource in my journey back to a more authentic self and way of living.

I love reading and rereading the material and have implemented the protocols with great effect. It has been one of the very few ‘personal development’ courses I've bought that actually gives value for money. I have found in the course immensely valuable information and practical applications that I can use for the rest of my life.

Some really ‘lucky’ things have been happening since I started cracking that pesky egg of mine. I’ve come across resources and people that are exactly what I need right now to move forward. Even for a cynic like me, it has seemed at times almost miraculous.

Again, thank you so much for your course and its invaluable insights and tools. Thank you so much for all your effort in putting it together, it has been very much appreciated.”

Samantha M.
Melbourne, Australia

Just Do It

“I was hesitant at first to try yet another one of those programs where you get all this great motivational information but then fail to act on it once you leave the house.

Your program made me so aware of all of the hidden computer like viruses that were running amuck in my brain and yet I was so unaware of. The highs and lows were exhausting and kept me constantly asking myself what the heck was wrong with me?!

I decided to take the plunge. And wow, am I ever glad that I did!

I followed your instructions to the T. I set my intentions on a new job: I needed to get out of the house and wanted something that I could enjoy, share my personality, and make some good money to boot.

The very first person I contacted offered me a job. But it gets better because the 2nd person also offered me a job and now I even had a choice between two really cool opportunities. I chose the second job and I now work in the design center for an awesome builder here in Arizona.

The customers have all been so fun to work with. My co-workers are awesome. The environment is beautiful. And, I’m making really good money doing something I really enjoy. My self confidence is back.

Also, an opportunity to own a business was presented to my husband and I and because I wasn’t living in fear of losing everything, we took the plunge on that also. We now own 4 franchise locations of a pool supply/cleaning company in the Phoenix east valley. The potential is huge and now my husband who recently retired has something to occupy his time also.

I highly recommend to anyone who is remotely considering this program to just do it. Thank you so much!!!!”

Marian Marshall
Chandler, AZ


You’ll get everything you need (and more) to master this unique method as fast and efficiently as possible, including:

The ‘Crack Your Egg’-Method Guidebook ($147 Value)

This guidebook “coaches” you through the life-changing steps to Crack Your Egg right out of the gate. And make no mistake:

  • This is no high-level fluff you can’t put to use, like in some courses that are so vague you need to upgrade to their next training to actually figure out what to do.
  • Here you get it all – actionable steps, clear direction, step-by-step guidance.
Here Are Some Of The Secrets You’ll Discover:
  • How to go beyond “freeing your mind”… (This puts your entire energy and consciousness on a path towards perpetual growth and actualization.)
  • The simple question you must ask yourself before pursuing any new path, or making any type of big decision…
  • An almost fool-proof way to always stay positive… without trying to be positive.
  • The #1 WORST mistake you can make when trying to get rid of limiting beliefs. (Even if you do everything else right, your dreams will fall apart if you make this common mistake nobody talks about.)
  • 4 quick-start steps to create positive flow and momentum in your life, starting today.
  • The pure magic of ‘Virtuosity,’ and how it will solve almost all problems caused by procrastination, laziness, tiredness and any other apparent ‘obstacle’ to your goals and dreams…
  • Create a clear sense of direction and purpose in your life.
  • An almost “magic” way to free yourself from the real cause of self-sabotage, inner resistance and negativity that nobody talks about…
  • Get clear on what you really want and where you really want to go in life… no matter what stage of your life you’re at now.
  • How to stop waiting for life to happen to you… and the most certain way to successfully create your own circumstances (as opposed to constantly having to react to them).
  • Secret techniques that stop your subconscious mind from working against your own goals… without needing to push yourself or constantly bombard your brain with “positivity” and “gratitude.”
  • The fastest known way to break fixed patterns that suck your energy and sabotage your goals… and how to dissolve them forever, as if they never existed in the first place.
  • How to determine your true goals, so you can avoid ‘chasing the wind’ and channel all your power into creating what you really want.
  • Bring masterful confidence, effectiveness and emotional stability to every area of your life… (whether it’s your finances, career, relationships, health & energy, or anything else you seek to improve.)
  • How to uncover your true, genuine passions, strengths and desires, so you can electrify your ability to manifest even your most profound dreams, visions and aspirations.
  • Learn how to turn your most hindering ‘weaknesses’ into your greatest strengths, so you can use them to create genuine happiness, inner peace, vibrant passion, and true personal power.
  • Stay passionate, positively inspired and motivated no matter what… so you can fully enjoy life, come out on top in every challenge, and live stress-free forever.
  • The 9 overarching Secret Hidden Agenda-themes that are unknowingly affecting your life right now… so you can see exactly what’s limiting you now, and where to focus your techniques for the greatest shift in personal power.
  • Key strategies for finding your personal ‘blind spots’ – the things you can’t see about yourself that are usually your most hindering blocks and weaknesses.
  • Care less about your weaknesses, so you can enjoy and celebrate your strengths.
  • Self-questioning protocols to direct your mind during your Egg Cracking-sessions and leave your subconscious mind no choice but to give you the answers you want… so you can dissolve as much inner imbalance as possible to be free from it for good.
  • How to drill down to your Unconscious Life Decisions that unknowingly drive all your values, attitudes, likes, dislikes, attachments, aversions and behaviors… and how to take the sting out of them for instant leaps in consciousness.
  • Liberating insights into your ‘Emotional Prison’… and what you need to “get out of jail free.”
  • An exclusive look into the 16 most common Egg Patterns and how they point you at the exact subconscious imbalances that are keeping your happiness, goals and dreams at bay.
  • See the link between your worst weaknesses and your greatest strengths, and discover latent talents and abilities that point you towards your life’s purpose.
  • A secret ‘soul scrubbing’ strategy that allows you to use any episode of negativity, procrastination, or emotional weakness as an opportunity to eliminate the root reason why it came up in the first place… so you can be free of it forever.
  • And much more…

Of course, there are some breakthroughs you need to have to make the big shifts into your full potential, which is why you’re also getting…

Support Manual #1 - ‘Waking Up’ ($127 Value)

You too have been blinded by false beliefs. We all have – negative illusions that cloud reality, and keep you acting smaller than you were meant to be.

“Waking Up” helps you dissolve these false beliefs, so you can walk out of the darkness of limitation and into the warm sunlight of your full potential.

In “Waking Up”, you’ll discover…
  • The demystifying truth about why your life isn’t where you want it to be. The answer will surprise you.
  • The hard science that shows you’re just like a living television (and what this means for reaching your potential).
  • The sneaky secret to manifesting the future you want. It’s not sexy, but 9-out-of-10 self-help methods ignore it and fail.
  • The 2 “basic coordinates” you must understand to take control of your life, personal power, and destiny.
  • Why finding self-help programs that work is rarer than hen’s teeth. And how Crack Your Egg can transform you while making other self-help methodologies effective at the same time.
  • A formula better than manifestation. In fact, follow these simple steps and you’ll reach your desired reality without ever using the Law of Attraction, self-hypnosis, or any other method unless you want to
  • The honest, “no bull crap” truth about how you really “create your own reality”… (Life will suddenly seem very, very simple!)
  • Discover the precise reasons why you have unwanted thoughts, feelings and attitudes that can make your life a living nightmare… and how to strip them of their power over you.
  • Why desire, belief and action aren’t enough to “manifest your desires”… (If you don’t add what you learn here, you might as well flush your dreams down the drain…)
  • 4 simple steps to finally eliminate self-doubt, despair, and fear. This single formula has been used by people just like you to break out of their life of fear, stagnation and limitation.
  • How to forge and maintain the kind of relationship with the world around you that consistently delivers the joy, opportunities and relationships you want… over and over again.
  • What really activates your superconscious mind and intuition, and unleash your inborn creativity to manifest the future you desire (and deserve).
  • The one and only secret to permanently rewiring your past… so that it transforms from a weight on your shoulders that only blocks your success into a powerful propeller for your goals and dreams.
  • What never to do if you want the joy, peace, and wealth you’ve been dreaming of (or risk setting those dreams on fire).
  • The shocking truth about why positivity isn’t as helpful as you think, and when you should embrace negative emotions.

You’ll get all this and more… This powerful knowledge is the keystone of your growth, and makes it possible for you to choose new goals, new success, and a new life.

From there, it’s time to seize your new life with…

Support Manual #2 - ‘Breaking Free’ ($127 Value)

With a fresh outlook void of any artificial filters and distortions, you’re now ready to discover how to tear down your walls of limitation and free yourself from the shackles that always used to tie you down.

By clearing out the hidden obstacles, you’ll naturally shift into the expanded mind space and paradigms that allow you to take control of your destiny, launch yourself on the path to your desires, and begin to realize your full potential.

With “Breaking Free”, you’ll discover…
  • Spooky insights into how your subconscious mind really works… and the pure magic of using those ‘dark secrets’ to your advantage.
  • How feeling anxious and agitated can be flipped to become your secret weapon. This is the opposite of what you’re taught in most self-help programs, but it works like a charm.
  • The “house of cards” principle that creates profound, almost instant breakthroughs and can get your entire Egg to collapse at once.
  • The mentality switch that makes success possible. And no, it has nothing to do with the power of positive thinking.
  • The #1 rule you must follow to transcend the knee-jerk reactions that used to keep you stuck in vicious cycles of negativity…
  • The one, critical mistake even professional psychologists make in handling unwanted thoughts and feelings… and what to do instead.
  • The simple – sometimes even illogical ways – to break through your own self-sabotage…
  • The uncreepy way that you can know your future. This is the keystone of your success..
  • The reason you can’t get your “dream reality” out of your head. Plus, how to use this to make it happen.
  • The secret of the magic mirror, and what its reflection means for the life you want.
  • The innocent belief that keeps you trapped (and how you can hit the reset button).
  • Why your mind and body will rebel against your efforts to change (and how to turn this knowledge to your advantage).
  • A simple, 3-second “mind trick” to step out of any negative emotional state… instantly!
  • Step out of the shadow of self-imposed limitations and the prison of others’ expectations.
  • The fastest known way to stop being consumed by your pain, negative emotions, and catastrophic thinking.
  • 3 moves that stop negative emotions in their tracks. These tips alone are with the price of the program.
  • A quick cure to stress and panic.
  • How your Egg determines what you think is your ‘personality’… but only if you let it. (This is helps you see why you really can be anyone you really want to be.)
  • The proven ways to gain the true psychological flexibility that can even turn catastrophic thinking into a high-voltage source of creative power to make your dreams reality.
  • How to heal even your deepest emotional wounds… including the ones you never even knew you had… (and that may be the real driving force for your negative patterns and limiting beliefs).
  • The biggest manifestation scam of the century. You probably fell for it, like I did… but here you’ll get the step-by-step system to help you turn the tables in your favor.
  • And much more…

At this point you’ll have everything you need to not only shatter that self-made prison that has been keeping you small, but also to seize the future you imagined – whatever that means to you…

  • Financial abundance.
  • Professional success.
  • Discovering the love of your life.
  • Developing meaningful friendships.
  • Living peacefully, confidently, and at your full potential.
  • Realizing a more authentic self and way of living.
  • Existing in a vibrant world of possibility, with the freedom to pursue life as you choose without fear, phobias, or self-sabotage.

But because I want to be sure nothing holds you back from making the breakthroughs you want, you’ll also get…

Crystal-Clear Video Walk-Throughs Of
All the Crack Your Egg-Techniques: ($137 Value)

With something as important as living to your full potential, you want everything spelled out for you in detail.

These entertaining, clear walk-through videos make the techniques paint-by-numbers simple.

They’ll be available in the online training environment, or on DVD if you prefer physical copies.

Do You Mind If I Overdeliver?

What would happen if all the limiting beliefs and deep-rooted fears that have kept you trapped suddenly vanished?

What would you do then?

These bonuses give you the guidance for where to focus specifically:

Bonus #1: ($197 Value)
‘Your Breakthrough In Money, Health,
Relationships & Emotional Well-Being’

This manual gives you the step-by-step path for applying the Crack Your Egg method to your everyday life.

It’s a practical guide to help you realize the vision you had for yourself when you began this process of rebirth, including:

  • Financial abundance.
  • Physical health.
  • Personal relationships.
  • Guilt and worry-free joy and happiness.
In This Bonus You’ll Discover…
  • The “can't miss” way of focusing on your inner game that makes annoyances and grapples with your outer world magically vanish. (This changes everything…)
  • The ultimate list of nearly every inner block that could be holding you back from money, relationships, vitality, and inner peace. (This is almost half the battle…)
  • The lost “push-pull” code that attracts your soulmate, best friend, or anyone else you seek (while repelling the wrong kinds of people)
  • Your revolutionary healing power to repair cellular memories.
  • How a broken, misguided youth found emotional balance, ending the emotional rollercoaster that stunted his dreams.
  • A special way to heal destructive cellular memories.
  • How to permanently break addictions, phobias and obsessive-compulsive behaviors.
  • Why illness and disease could be rooted in this detailed ‘laundry list’ of beliefs (and how to eliminate them help you prevent that fate).
  • And much more…

This bonus naturally bolsters the larger Crack Your Egg-process by bringing sharper focus to the specific areas of your life you want to improve.

And it’s yours… FREE… if you enroll today.

Do you mind if I keep overdelivering?

Bonus #2: ($197 Value)
‘The Ultimate Guide to Personal Mastery’

This is the closest you can come to working with me personally.

This bonus program reveals advanced techniques that take you even deeper with tools to bypass any subconscious self-sabotage that tries to snake its way back into your life.

In this powerful program, you’ll see…
  • The neurological roadblock that can rebel against success, joy, and abundance (and the gutsy way to tame it).
  • The ‘energy investment game’ that changes everything.
  • What you may have inherited through your DNA (and how to flush it from your system for good).
  • The secret healing powers of negativity (you won’t hear about this in any self-help program.)
  • The ‘Round Table’-procedure that gets rid of inner backbiting, backstabbing, and elusive self-sabotage.
  • The ‘Prodigal Son’-technique that helps reconcile long-standing inner conflict.
  • A simple, 3-second “trick” with your left hand that instantly eliminates emotional turmoil caused by worry, panic, or anger.
  • Why relying on willpower is a treacherous trap, and how to make your desired results inevitable without having to depend on sheer tenacity and grit.
  • A simple lesson from a flying elephant that can instantly put you in the best mind frame for any goal, task, or situation.
  • Two steps to manifest the happiness, success, and abundance you seek.
  • Plus, the startling and illogical ways your body and spirit can work together to make the goals you desire inevitable.

This program goes deep into areas most other methodologies never even mention. And it will give you everything you need to heal the root causes that keep you from the life you desire.

And there’s even more…

Bonus #3: ($97 Value)
‘30-Day “Crack Your Egg” FAST TRACK’

I bet you want to see changes as fast as possible.

That’s why this 30-day action plan gives you a roadmap that focuses on the highest leverage skills of the method. This way you can see the biggest results in the shortest amount of time.

If you stick to the schedule, you can start making breakthroughs in only 30-days. Even better, by scoring some quick wins, you’ll build momentum to pursue the Crack Your Egg-method further – to ultimately bust yourself loose from past restraints completely and finally live the life you pictured for yourself and your family.

And finally, when you order Crack Your Egg today, you’ll always have the latest version with:

Bonus #4: ($594 Value)
Continual Updates!

This is my life’s work. I keep fine-tuning and making improvements to the material. And whenever I discover a new tweak, I update the training.

So when you order today, you’ll get the newest version of the materials, which will always be readily available to you in your online owner’s area.

And listen – that’s not some empty promise:

Those who’ve come before you know that I’ve been making significant updates and improvements over the past couple of years, which they’ve been gratefully enjoying at no additional expense after their original enrollment.

That’s why this fourth bonus alone will be worth your purchase today many times over!

--> Click here to get started NOW! <--

I know what you’re thinking right now…

“There’s no way the Crack Your Egg-method
can deliver on all these promises… This
must be some kind of scam.”

And I don’t blame you for thinking that.

After all, just like you, I tried every other program under the sun in the past before discovering what’s laid out for you in this program.

I felt lied to.

Or worse, that there was something wrong with me that made me unfixable.

But that’s why it’s so important that you give Crack Your Egg a try: it works, if you’re willing to put in the effort.

And to show you how much I care about you cracking your egg and stepping out into the warm sunshine of your full potential, I’m going to make it super easy for you to get started - with no risk on your part:

Iron-Clad 180-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Yes, you read that right…

Try Crack Your Egg for 180-days -- a full six months -- and if it isn’t the most value-packed, life-improving program you’ve ever purchased, just let us know and you’ll get a full refund (if you buy the physical version, I just ask that you return the materials).

No drama.

No shenanigans.

I’m taking all the risk so you have nothing to lose.


Here’s Everything You Get Today:

  • The Crack Your Egg-Method Guidebook ($147 Value)
  • Support Manual #1 - Waking Up ($127 Value)
  • Support Manual #2 - Breaking Free ($127 Value)
  • Multi-Media Audio-Visual Support Pack ($137 Value)
  • Bonus #1 - Money, Health, Relationships & Happiness Breakthrough ($137 Value)
  • Bonus #2 - “The Ultimate Guide To Personal Mastery” Training ($197 Value)
  • Bonus #3 - 30 Day Fast Track Action Plan ($97 Value)
  • Bonus #4 - Lifetime Upgrades ($594 Value)

That’s $1,563 of real world value from just the components of this program alone.

But more importantly – imagine everything it can actually do for you:

  • Picture waking up and none of the worries or concerns that cause you anxiety today are there…
  • Feel how good it feels to have total control of yourself and know exactly what to do to manifest your desires…
  • Imagine the fears, limiting beliefs and painful memories that used to haunt you have lost their potency, and have been replaced with a balanced feeling of contentment, satisfaction, peace, love, joy, and the life you’ve always wanted.

What would that be worth to you?

Can you even put a price on it?

Would you pay $100,000 to experience this life going forward?


Well, I’m pleased to tell you that the system that can make all of that possible isn’t even close to those numbers…

--> “YES, Let's Get Started!” <--

Here’s How To Get Started Now:

Remember - $1,563 of real world value, not to mention the lifetime benefit you’ll gain… Throw in the 6-month guarantee, and you know this is a no brainer:

It’s easy to get started now – simply choose your favorite option below, and click on ‘add to cart’ for the one you like best:

What Future Do You Wish For Yourself?

You’ve got a choice to make…:

You can keep going down that road you’ve been on… But you’re familiar with that road. You know where it leads because that’s where you are right now.

I’m not passing judgment: if you like where you are, that’s okay.

But if you crave something more…:

  • If you know a different, more compelling, rewarding and fulfilling way of life is possible…
  • If you feel like some inner force has been holding you back, and you want a proven system to help you break free and move toward your vision…
  • And if you’re ready to stop pushing away your joy, happiness and inner peace in life, and to start taking matters in your own hands to create the life you actually want for yourself and your loved ones…

… then I invite you to embrace this chance to master your own mind, heart and happiness and become one of those who've Cracked Their Eggs and lift the world to a higher place.

After all - when do you want to start living the life of your dreams?

If not now, then when?

There’s no risk for you whatsoever, and a whole new life to gain. Select an option below and get started today:

Any other decision is a choice to serve more time trapped in your Egg

Don’t do that. Life is short enough as it is.

Besides, the world needs you at your best… now more than ever.

So go ahead and Crack Your Egg.

I can’t wait to see you inside the program.


P.S. This unique system goes deeper than other processes and methodologies to breakdown the hardwired system that traps you in a life of fear, anxiety, and suffering:

Click here to access the step-by-step program that allows you to discover the keys to breaking out of this Egg and living a life of supreme peace, happiness, and joy that you never thought possible.